Sample Follow-Up Letter to Post Conversation Attendees


Dear Conversationalists,

What a lovely vision we crafted together as we focused our thinking on a Golden Civilization and how we could live into it now. It was touching to hear from each of you the steps you might take to live into this vision now. I'm thrilled that we'll be continuing this effort and that many of you desired to host your own conversations with family and friends.

The next steps are quite simple.

  • Commit to hosting a conversation and let us know about it by fill out this hosting form or sending an email to Lora Woodward at the Kinder Institute,

  • Follow this basic guide for hosting conversations:

    • Conversations can be modified in many ways.

      • As long as the structure includes

        • an inspiring and developing vision,

        • some acknowledgment of the obstacles we face,

        • and then engaging, personal, inspiring, and stimulating actions at the end,

      • We’ve done our work, assuming, of course, we’ve done it in the context of respectful, empathic, and appreciative listening.

      • The results seem to show every time in the enthusiasm, energy, hopefulness, and passion with which people leave the conversations.

    • For more comprehensive meeting structures, visit and click on Resources and “Hosting Manual.”

    • Let us know how the conversation went by filling out this form or emailing me with photos of the group, the vision statement, and any fun anecdotes from the gathering.

These conversations have the potential to really help people find a greater connection to their community and to people all over the world. Be brave! You are helping the people in your community, your friends and family, live into a Golden Civilization now. That is an incredible gift!

Kindest regards, 


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