The RSA offers perfect venue for a Golden Conversation

George Kinder and Adam Wells review the obstacles to a Golden Civilization with a group at The RSA’s Rawthmells Coffeehouse on Friday 12th April 2019.

George Kinder and Adam Wells review the obstacles to a Golden Civilization with a group at The RSA’s Rawthmells Coffeehouse on Friday 12th April 2019.

I’m Adam Wells and as a life planner and personal coach I help individuals navigate major life transitions.  After reading George’s book The Seven Stages of Money Maturity, I signed up with curiosity to George’s 2-day programme, of the same name, which introduces financial advisers to the concept of financial life planning. 

To my absolute surprise, George co-led the programme.  I found his energy, passion and vision inspirational and refreshing (in an earlier life, I worked for the financial compensation scheme which compensated investors who had lost money through negligent advice/theft by financial advisers and I left the industry disillusioned).

George’s ‘message’ fully resonated with many of my own life learnings since leaving the financial services industry; including walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago pilgrimage path leading me to life transition coaching.  Often, I ask individuals to ponder the question, ‘What special gift do you have that you could give to the world?’ Perhaps with everybody aligned to their special gift, the world would be in a better place.

And so, when I heard that George would be visiting London as part of his book tour and the UK launch of a global conversation movement to establish “a Golden Civilization” now, I thought this feels very exciting and offered to gather a group. The RSA, with its mission to enrich society through ideas and action, seemed like the perfect venue for a Golden Conversation!

The RSA Golden Civilization conversation will took place at RSA House on Friday 12th April 2019, 6.30pm – 9pm in the Rawthmells Coffeehouse. If you are interested in hosting your own conversation please find further resources here or feel free to contact me on

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CISI experiences A Golden Civilization

George Kinder and Amyr Rocha-Lima at the CISI Financial Planning Forum on 16 April 2019. Photo credit: Farida Hassanali.

George Kinder and Amyr Rocha-Lima at the CISI Financial Planning Forum on 16 April 2019. Photo credit: Farida Hassanali.

George Kinder spoke about Life Planning, Mindfulness, and A Golden Civilization at the CISI Financial Planning Forum on Tuesday 16th April. From the event description, “George Kinder discusses his latest book, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness, and a powerful structure for hosting conversations that has developed into a global grassroots movement. Applying the Life Planning methodology he developed over the past 30 years, Kinder helps groups create a united vision of the future and deliver it in short order. Experience a Golden Civilization Conversation that demonstrates how Kinder proposes people life plan civilization with participatory democracy.”

The speech was well received. Here’s what Registered Life Planner® Amyr Rocha-Lima had to say about the event via Twitter: “Really good session at CISI this afternoon! It’s great to learn from a very experienced financial planner, who has made it his life’s work to teach others how to match their life goals to their money. Forever grateful to have studied with the mighty George Kinder!” For more about Amyr, check out this great Advice Front interview.

Conversing with the Spiritual Sun


George Kinder, Tim Heath, and Julian Powe opened up a Golden Civilization conversation at the top of Primrose Hill at 1700 on Thursday 11th April with anyone who was passing by at the time and was interested. They gathered at the top of the hill by the William Blake stone inscription- ‘I have conversed with the Spiritual Sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill’.  The event was publicized in The Blake Society newsletter. Thank you to everyone who joined!


Crafting A Golden Civilization at Coventry University

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On the move once again! I’m holding several Golden Civilization Conversations throughout the UK, and have been met with tremendous enthusiasm and positivity. Here’s a comment from friend and event host, Lien Luu:

“Amazing Conversation on A Golden Civilization at Coventry University with George Kinder Yesterday we were honored to host an interactive conversation on A Golden Civilization with George Kinder, (the founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning).

The lecture room was quickly filled with energy, excitement and passion as both students and financial planners took an active part in mapping our Vision for the ideal society, acknowledging the obstacles and understanding the actions needed.

We were also privileged to witness a powerful live demo of life planning, as George showed us how through deep listening we can help people achieve clarity about what is important to them, and kindle their passion! A truly incredible evening. Thank you very much George D. Kinder for this honor and privilege, and we can't wait to have you back on campus.”

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Golden Civilization Conversations in London

I was delighted to speak at Jarrovian Wealth Advisors in London and introduce them to the Golden Civilization Movement! We crafted a beautiful vision of a Golden Civilization, here’s some feedback from conversation attendee Chris Salacinski:

“We had a great session with George Kinder last Friday talking about the 'Golden Civilisation' and how to make it happen. Very thought provoking!!”


Let's Create a Golden Civilization!

Over nine years ago, I began writing my latest book,  Golden Civilization & The Map of Mindfulness , as a reflection on the Banking Crisis, the Great Recession, and the distrust of the financial services industry that I spent my professional life combating. I wanted to address with positive visioning many of the societal structures and systems that caused it and that require change to bring authenticity, and both the exhilaration and peace of freedom sustainably into civilization. 

And, something occurred to me as I was finishing the book: If we live in a participatory democracy, then we have the power to deliver ourselves into a Golden Civilization. Not within a thousand years or a thousand generations, but  now . We need only come together, establish the most clear and powerful vision of what it is, and then take the action necessary immediately to make it happen.

In my book, I share what I think will take us to a Golden Civilization. and certainly the ideas are revolutionary and groundbreaking, but it is just my perspective. My aim is much greater. What I really want is to listen to and build without delay what Homo sapiens all over the world think a Golden Civilization would be. I want conversations to be thriving and intermingling the world over! Families gathering in living rooms, neighbors conversing around the kitchen table, students creating visions in the classroom, communities coming together to act in unison, and groups everywhere connecting with each other online. The  Golden Civilization Conversation  movement was born and we want more voices at the table so we can create a Golden Civilization within this generation.

Fast forward seven months and the conversation movement is taking place on five continents and growing every day. All over the globe, people have chosen to be leaders in their communities by holding conversations that vision the future and commitments to create it now. 

Join me.