Reflections from Primrose Hill

“In twilight shadow and evening darkness,” eighteen conversationalists gathered at the home of Julian Powe on Primrose Hill last Thursday for a “convivial, warm-spirited, curious and inquiring, and edgy in the imperative for action in service of improving civilisation through conversation and collaboration.”

Host Julian Powe offers here a brief summary of the gathering:

Our Conversation

We reflected on our stance and actions in support of our ‘torch’ (shown, as usual under my signature here); heard about what was emerging through the many conversations taking place around the world;  conversed and worked with George on his thinking and practice for elevating the present moment and being fully mindful in it; and surfaced individual and collective action ideas.

 The following themes emerged strongly:

  •  Our stance in support of our ‘torch’ – delight; harmony; moving towards darkness and embracing the shadow; the power of kindness; the importance of critical thinking, courage; discipline and practice; a spirit of appreciation for what is working and is good; connecting with our and others’ souls; engaging and reaching out, more alignment in conversations; staying ‘in’, facing what is going on but not at the expense of our own balance and integrity; supporting and challenging leaders to really attend to the well-being of their people and colleagues

  • The imperative for action – now; within a generation; significant change needed across all domains and levels of system, political – economic -social – organsitional – individual

  • Attention to wisdom – strong common ground emerged here – wisdom is lagging and lacking – we have strong aspirations to see its rapid development across all domains, to be at the centre of discourse and organisational  life – this community has deep knowledge about it – our call to action was to develop in 2019 a curriculum for wisdom for 6-96

Our Actions

We all reflected on our personal intent going forward.

By way of examples, here are Aaron’s selected actions:

  • To continue having conversations.

  • To assist those however I may in having conversations

  • To encourage my peers and contemporaries in the life planning world to hold conversations.

  • To get a babysitter so I can attend future conversations in person ;)

  • To connect jointly with Bruce and Julian to see what we can do in SE London for future conversations.

……And here are mine:

  • To continue to support this community in service of all we want to do to improve civilisation through conversation and collaboration, lining up with George’s wider movement and other collaborative efforts

  • To make the next move in our collective work on a curriculum for wisdom for 6-96 by circulating a discussion document by 26 April 2019 and inviting collaborative support from all interested (Jane, Parul, Bruce, Adam – you were among those who kindly expressed interest, all thanks and delighted to hear from others as we move forward on this)

  • To support George’s and other conversations in educational systems – and any other conversations where I can help

  • To up my game, month to month, in all I choose to do in my leadership work, my writing, my volunteering and my political involvement

  • And to have even more fun and delight!

Our ‘Torch’:

‘If – as a consequence of our work together and in league with other likeminded groups across the world - we, the human race, connected and one as we are :

  • Live in liberty, with truth, freedom of expression and justice at the core of our existence

  • Place the health and longevity of planet earth and all who live on it at the forefront of our attention

  • Delight ourselves and each other with our joy, humour, optimism and sense of fun

  • Live in harmony and compassion, embracing and working with difference to find common ground and alignment in a spirit of love, empathy, kindness, and inclusion

  • Explore and deepen our wisdom, self-knowledge, creativity and that of others through vibrant dialogue, curiosity, learning, science and art – stepping into the new and realising the potential we do not currently know we have

  • Move forward every day with a deep sense of collective endeavour, service, responsibility, courage, vigour and vitality to improve the lives of all on the planet…..

………How would that be?