Crafting A Golden Civilization at Coventry University

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On the move once again! I’m holding several Golden Civilization Conversations throughout the UK, and have been met with tremendous enthusiasm and positivity. Here’s a comment from friend and event host, Lien Luu:

“Amazing Conversation on A Golden Civilization at Coventry University with George Kinder Yesterday we were honored to host an interactive conversation on A Golden Civilization with George Kinder, (the founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning).

The lecture room was quickly filled with energy, excitement and passion as both students and financial planners took an active part in mapping our Vision for the ideal society, acknowledging the obstacles and understanding the actions needed.

We were also privileged to witness a powerful live demo of life planning, as George showed us how through deep listening we can help people achieve clarity about what is important to them, and kindle their passion! A truly incredible evening. Thank you very much George D. Kinder for this honor and privilege, and we can't wait to have you back on campus.”

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