Towards a Golden Civilisation - Conversation on Primrose Hill, 21 November 2018

In late October 2018, George Kinder’s good friend Julian Powe invited 37 of his friends, ranging in age by 50 years, to “come and experiment” with him and his wife, Jacqueline, at their home on Primrose Hill in London. A group of 25 gathered on a Wednesday evening to, as Julian put it: “Imagine a thousand years into the future there is a Golden Civilisation.  What does it look like?  Feel like?  How do people communicate, exchange goods, and govern themselves?  And what else can we each do to move towards it right now? Bring your wildest ideas and most personal values to a conversation about the future - and come and enjoy a convivial and civil (perhaps even goldenly so!) evening on the 21st.” What came out of that first meeting was a beautiful vision poem of all the qualities of a Golden Civilization. This poem would be read at future Golden Civilization Conversations as an example of what others are doing and how close each groups’ visions tend to be. See for yourself!

A Vision for A Golden Civilization - Julian Powe.jpg