Golden Civilization Advisory Group Zoom Call

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Big thanks to the conversationalists who could join us on for our recent call to review the progress of the Golden Civilization Conversation movement! Here are some of the highlights:

Key Points:

  • Prior to hosting the initial GCC meeting, consider if you'd like to continue to host future on-going meetings or if you'd like the group to continue but with another facilitator. If it is the latter, then the following bridge was suggested:

    • Ask: "Can we see a show of hands of who would like to attend a second meeting?" (Usually, 3/4 of the room raises their hands.)

    • Ask: "Who would be willing to host the space for the next meeting?" (Usually, one person will raise their hand.)

    • Ask: "Who would be willing to facilitate the meeting?" (Usually, one person will raise their hand.)

    • Say: That's wonderful! Let's make sure we have the email addresses of those that would like to gather for a second meeting. We'll put <name of future host> and <name of future facilitator> in touch with Lora Woodward from the office and she'll provide you with additional resources and support.

  • As groups evolve they may develop a major focus project as well as additional projects that help address the challenges presented in the Obstacles.

  • The group's vision statement represents the core theme that the group is engaged in.

  • When navigating negative or hot-button topics, consider doing one of the following:

    • Put the word/phrase on the board as you have been doing with other suggestions (this avoids judgment and treating one suggestion differently from others).

    • Ask a clarifying question to get toward the quality: "What are the qualities that ______ would bring? or "What are the virtues of _____ that we can add?" or "In your vision of a Golden Civilization, what would it mean?"

    • Ask permission to reframe the suggestion or ask the attendee to reframe it.

    • Ask permission to place the suggestion under Obstacles or Actions, if more appropriate.

We hope to see many of you on our next check-in call!