Open University holds a couch conversation with George Kinder

10th June #StudentHubLive Trailer:

“Inequality, wars, climate change, democracy, and chaos-- the world we live in today seems completely out of balance. And we all agree that something has to change. But can a whole nation, let alone a whole planet, find the will to put right some of today's ills?

On the tenth of June, I'll be interviewing George Kinder, and from The OU, Alan Shipman and Paul-Francois Tremlett, who specialises in the interface between religion, politics, and social change.

Kinder, sometimes called the father of life planning, is renowned in the world of finance for pioneering a different, more professional way for financial advisors to work, using listening skills to help clients envisage the future they really want and then work on removing obstacles to achieving it. In his new book, A Golden Civilization, Kinder turns this method towards the much bigger challenge of moving society as a whole to a whole new economic, social, and political order that he claims will deliver greater equality, peace, sustainability, and what Kinder calls freedom for all. In this live interview, we'll be discussing Kinder's ideas about how democracy, the media, markets, leadership, and even ourselves need to change if we are to share a vision of, and achieve, a golden civilization. This wide ranging topic will be of interest to many, particularly those studying economics, finance, business studies, social policy, philosophy, and religious studies. Join us online and take part in the live chat on the tenth of June.”