#AGoldenCivilization Movement Launched on March Fourth!

I was deeply moved and inspired by how George eloquently described, and has brilliantly mapped the only possible way forward for us as a species. I know these truths in my bones and have built my own private practice helping individuals out of outworn patterns and into living new creative ways of being. George is inviting this and more on a global scale. He has a thorough understanding of what our larger political and economic systems are based on, and is able to specifically assess what’s no longer working while introducing new possibilities for the future. Of course, this can only be accomplished with a fundamental shift in consciousness and so he gracefully introduces his expertise in mindfulness. In the past, I’ve attended two conferences with His Holiness at MIT’s Dalaï Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values where they admitted that a shift in consciousness was absolutely necessary to make crucial decisions in areas of global impact such as environmental engineering and sustainability in big business. George is also putting together these needed worlds of a more enlightened consciousness, changes in commerce, political reform and earth sustainability, but he is taking this out of academia and calling on our individual participation. We can bring our collective ideals, creativity, enthusiasm and active involvement to the Golden Conversations taking place all over the world. I look forward to being part of these conversations towards the creative enlightening of our future.
Many thanks!!
— Jacyntha Kamor