The First Spectacle Pond Conversation Continues

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Something is stirring on Spectacle Pond. Exactly eight months after George Kinder encouraged his friends and Kinder Institute staff to join him in a small cabin by the pond for an experimental first attempt at a Golden Civilization Conversation, he has gathered the group again for another experiment of sorts. Seven individuals close to the work of George Kinder gathered around his dining room table on a windy, gray day that was more reminiscent of a New England March than the current middle of May. The meeting opened with an inner listening exercise led by Kathy Lubar followed by revisiting the qualities of a Golden Civilization that were part of the group’s original vision. George invited the group to add qualities to their original vision that would make the vision more complete. George then read the vision poem that came out of a Golden Civilization Conversation that Julian Powe hosted in London last November. To imagine groups all over the world having similar conversations that aim to uplift and inspire action is incredible! The group discussed obstacles and challenges to adopting their vision and followed it with the actions they felt were possible. The group committed to meeting again in July and inviting others to join the conversation.

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